All About Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom stainless steel fabrication has many applications that include structural, artistic, automotive, architectural and ornamental. There was a time when chrome was heavily used on the ornamentation of automobiles and they are still some of the most beautifully designed cars on the road. A good metal fabricator will know design details and welding media. Understanding the properties of the metal you are working with is very important. Attachment methods must also be understood as they can range from rivets, nuts and bold to welds.

Stainless steel has the advantage of not rusting or corroding easily and is often used in projects where a bare metal look is required. CAD drawings are instrumental in creating designs to reduce waste and cost. Accuracy is essential with metal work as are adhering to building codes when planning an architectural, structural or ornamental project.

The fabricator is open to opportunities presented that can include custom work. Highly skilled craftsmen can turn a working model into a final piece. Stainless steel work is a specialty in the metal fabrication field. Some of the different output a fabricator will produce are rolled sheet metal, water jet cutting, laser cutting, tube bending and heavy gauge stamping.

The properties the metal possesses must be understood in order to be considered a good fabricator. Things that need to be strong yet light such as bicycles, airplane fuselage and race cars need certain types of metals in their construction to maintain their lightweight properties. One also needs to understand which metals can be joined if they are being mixed, there are ferrous and non-ferrous types of metal and they do not join easily if at all.

Metal artists often will use scrap metal in their designs, they can range from abstract to sculpture. There is nothing more beautiful than custom stainless steel fabrication. Whether it be in the kitchen, in furniture design or as a piece of art, this metal is one of the best looking metals there is.

Uni-Fab is one of the largest custom stainless steel fabrication firms in Ontario. They create exceptional products, have an in-house paint facility, and provide speedy delivery times. (

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