American Standard Air Conditioning – Helping Americans Save in Tough Economic Times

No one will argue that the economy today is hotter than ever.  So is the climate.  With each year getting warmer than the last, the average middle –class consumer must find ways to stay cool without breaking his budget.  The American Standard Air Conditioning unit can be a bank balance’s best friend.

With so many folks looking for work or working for cut wages, finding ways to make your dollar go further is imperative.  For the most part, no matter where an individual lives in the United States it gets hot in the summer.  Swamp coolers, (cooling units that bring down the temperature by cycling water through a filter and then blowing the mystified air into the home or office), only work when humidity is not a factor.  With the change in weather this is becoming increasingly difficult to find even in the U.S. A.  Areas like Las Vegas, NV, which are smack dab in the middle of the desert, are kicking out humidity numbers in the 20 plus percentile, now.


American Standard Air Conditioning helps out with not only being reasonably priced, ranging in the $ 1700’s to start.  They are also known for their low maintenance factor.  This is extremely important because as most anyone knows, it quite often is not the initial cost that hurts you, but the upkeep.  Just ask anyone who owns a Mercedes Benz or Maserati.

Another aspect of economy for these air conditioners is the low cost of usage.  Most consumers find that after replacing their old units with one of these their utility bills drop by at least half.  With this in mind, consider how little time it would take for these to pay for themselves.  Basically, if you are paying say $ 250 a month for electricity for a 1500 square foot home before the installation, and then only $ 125 afterwards your air conditioner would pay for itself in a little over a year.  After that, the savings is nothing more than gravy.  Who couldn’t use an extra $ 125 a month?

The units are also ecologically friendly.  With an ozone free refrigerant, there is no danger to making an even larger hole in the fragile ozone layer if it escapes.

Purchasing an American Standard Air Conditioning unit only make good fiscal sense, when you come right down to it.  Think about it you’re saving money and the environment all with one installation.  How can anyone say no?

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