Choosing a Kitchen Sink

When choosing a new sink there are many variables to consider,single bowl,double bowl or even triple bowl.How do you want it to mount ,the old standard drop-in,or a newer application such as undermount, integral, or apron front.

What about materials…

Stainless steel and porcelin-enamel cast iron are the most popular, but todays styles reflect individual expression.Copper and Brass sinks are the new craze,and can be used in both traditional and contemporary design and impart a warm look. Quartz or granite-resin composites have a beautiful speckled color and are durable. 

Fireclay, used in country-kitchen settings is also a good low-maintenance choice.Stone sinks,such as slate, granite,soapstone  are easy to clean and another popular choice.

Lets decide on how many bowls,double bowls of equal size are the most common,triple bowls offer their own unique advantage,and single bowls are great for limited space.

With single bowl sinks you have plenty of space for oversized pots and large-diameter dishes and takes less space than multiple bowls.They can run as wide as 33″.

Double bowl sinks can provide seperate tasks such as washing and rinsing dishes,preparing food and clean up.they can be as wide as 48″.

Triple bowl sinks have a small third bowl to be used as a prep station,there is  more work space and they can run as wide as 60″.

When choosing a sink match the number of holes in the sink to the number of fixtures you plan to install on it.Check the sturdiness ,espesially stainless steel,press down on the middle of the sink,if it flexes,the sink could be noisy with running water and a garbage disposal installed.Remember with stainless steel ,the higher the gauge rating ,the thinner the steel.Shop for stainless sinks that have at least 18 gauge.

Also calculate the space under the unit ,be sure there is enough space for a disposal and plumbing,and if their is an issue with space,consider a shallow bowl on one side.

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