Choosing the Right Kitchen Fittings

The fact is that just like, say shoes, clothing and clothing accessories, kitchens and the fittings that go into them do gradually change in style over time. So what this means, is that if the kitchen in your home is looking a bit dated, it’s most likely because it is – particularly if you live in a home that’s more than a few decades old.


Now there are two ways that you can go about updating the look and style of your kitchen and the first choice is to bring in a contractor to tear the whole thing out, and start from new. Or; your other choice, is to simply upgrade the fittings in your kitchen with perhaps a little clever painting, and light decorating.


Now the first choice is the best one for sure because who wouldn’t love a brand new kitchen? However; it also comes with a much higher price tag as well. That’s for sure.

Now the second option of simply upgrading your kitchen fittings is not only far less expensive, but it can also be done in increments one pay check at a time.


For starters, a modern sink faucet can work wonders for kicking up the look of a drab outdated sink area without having to go through the trouble and expense of replacing the kitchen sink. You see, with a bright modern faucet your eyes will be drawn to it rather than to the sink itself when they enter the room.

Choices in hardwood kitchen flooring have shot way up over the past two decades, as prices have at the same time become so much more reasonable. Hardwood flooring installation used to be an incredibly labour intensive process that involved days of power sanding, and finishing.


Today’s modern hardwood kitchen floor is installed complete in hours, not days because it comes pre-finished and ready to go, so there’s no more sanding and finishing involved.

These factory finished hardwood floors not only cost surprisingly less but they’re far more durable too which makes them a great choice for kitchens.


Polished marble and particularly polished granite have been the desired look in kitchens for a few decades now and there is no arguing the fact that black granite in particular looks absolutely amazing. Even so, in recent years new looks in kitchen counter-tops have been nosing their way in.


The wood butcher-block look in kitchen counter-tops has always been around but it just never caught on in the same way as polished stone. Today though there are more choices in wood types that can be used to give the butcher-block a newer look, and feel in contemporary kitchen counters.


Still yet, one more thing that far too many people fail to realize is that kitchen islands on wheels can be bought, and simply rolled in right off the delivery truck. Now you do need to have the floor space for one but if you have it, a new kitchen island can lend a new look and also add in some extra counter space.

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