How to Clean Undermount Sinks?

Sinks are one of the favorite places of bacteria and germs.  Surprisingly, these are more than a hundred times dirtier than other places in the house. Sinks may be undermount sinks or mounted over the counter are so easy to clean. You do not have to discount the chance of getting sick by not maintaining its cleanliness. Remember proper hygiene should always be in placed wherever part of your house.

Daily cleaning is important as well as periodic general cleaning of sinks.  General cleaning may be done once a week to ensure that bacteria will not harbor on it.  For general cleaning of undermount sinks, take the following steps: fill the sink with boiling water mixed with liquid bleach for an hour.  With your rubber gloves and tongs, pull out the plug slowly until it fully drain then rinse it.

 You may opt to pour vinegar for half an hour to balance the smell and flush with hot water.  Then spread out baking soda all around the sink including faucet and sides and start scrubbing lightly.  You may use other chemicals but it’s always safe to use baking soda instead.  Rinse the sink well with hot water again.  You can also put citrus drops on the hot water for good smell. After rinsing, wipe it with a clean rag.

For everyday cleaning every after use of undermount sinks, pour hot water and clean your sink with soap and rinse it very well.  Do not forget to dry with clean rag.

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