How to Select a Great Bathroom Faucet

Between the several features within your bathroom, the single feature that is probably the most noticeable and creates the most memorable impression is the sink faucet. As an important centerpiece, the bathroom faucet can provide a great opportunity to showcase your design savvy and style.

One important thing to consider when shopping for a bathroom faucet is the finish. Are you wanting to create a classical atmosphere? Bronze, copper, and nickel assemblies with a matte finish will often achieve that. Or perhaps you would like to produce a modern feel. If that is the case, you should look into installing stainless steel or chrome faucets that have a shiny finish. If you want to produce a lavish look, you can get faucet assemblies that feature marble, gold, and even crystal.

You also should think hard on what style of spout-valve assembly you would like.

Do you have a small sink basin? Would you like to keep it plain? A single hole assembly is as basic as they come. Hot and cold water gets mixed and released via a single valve. Alternatively you can install a mini spread assembly, which features a designated valve for hot and cold water, however the valve and spout setup is smaller and condensed together.

Do you have a bigger sink basin? Would you like to make it appear more fancy? Try a basin faucet, which features an independent valve and spout for hot and cold water. Alternatively, get a wall mounted assembly, which goes directly onto your wall. After which, you could install more contemporary sink basins underneath, like the unrecessed bowl or whatever oddly shaped basin of your choosing.

You always want to purchase your bathroom faucets from reputable vendors, such as Delta, American Standard, Price Pfister, and Moen.

Vendors like these are the most likely to provide you with good customer service, and a great guarantee. Most importantly, great companies like these are going to sell faucets that will last, resisting leaks and corrosion, able to take several years of daily use. To find good specific models, take a look at consumer review publications, chat with your local handy man, and the workers at hardware stores.

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