Kitchen Sink Options

Many options are available to shoppers looking for sinks for their kitchens. There are numerous materials, designs, styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Whether you are shopping for a new or renovated kitchen, you surely want to get the best sink since it will be used regularly. You want it to be durable yet stylish enough to complete your kitchen.

When it comes to the way sinks are mounted, your options are under mount and over mount.

Under mount kitchen sinks are sinks secured at the bottom of the counter top. Typically, under mount sinks are secured with mounting bolts and clips. For stone counter tops the clips are adhered to the bottom of the counter using an epoxy. Many contractors and homeowners prefer under mount kitchen sinks because they are easy to install and are rimless.

This creates a smooth look for the counter top. Villeroy and Boch sinks are some of the highest quality under mount sinks available.

The other common type of kitchen sinks are top mount sinks which are secured to the countertop from above. The rims of the sink extend over the edges of the drop-in hole in the counter top and keep the sink from falling. Top mount kitchen sinks are a great choice for traditional or conventional kitchen designs.

Both under mount and top mount kitchen sinks are found in various shapes. The most common are oval and rectangular kitchen sinks. There are corner sinks available if that suits the design of your kitchen. There are also a wide range of sizes. It is important to choose according to the size of your kitchen and size of your countertop.

For the materials, there are also a wide range of options.

Granite composite sinks are an excellent choice for kitchens. They are sturdy, durable and easy to clean. Granite composite sinks are generally stain resistant. They also have a high level of heat and scratch resistance. Plus, granite composite sinks are available in a wide range of colors. They are an option for almost any kitchen d├ęcor since they come in not only black, white and brown but also gray and pink.

When compared to other materials, granite composite sinks are a little more expensive. Much cheaper options are stainless steel and ceramic. However, granite composite sinks are proven to be more durable than steel and ceramic, and they give the kitchen a more luxurious feel.

Certainly, the large number of sink manufacturers leads to a great number of options. The desire to be green may lead one to select Rohl sinks because they are recyclable and lead free. With careful planning, one will find it simpler to choose a sink. There are lots of styles, types, materials, shapes and sizes to choose from but deciding on a budget and researching manufacturers can help to narrow the options and make the choice far easier to make.

Angela Baker has helped many families renovate their homes with simple additions like granite composite sinks, or shower steamers without going over their budgets.

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