Stainless Steel Sink Gauge

Having a full knowledge in looking for the proper kitchen sink will eliminate future damage and will make the sink lasts longer. Like in getting stainless steel sinks, there are few considerations that customers must understand prior to purchasing or assembling one. It does not always conform to the style or theme of the house. It does not always depend on the fixtures to be placed on the sink or the appliances beside it. We must be informed of the other technicalities in choosing the right sink for our house. One of these considerations is the sink’s gauge.

What is a gauge? A stainless steel sink’s gauge represents the thickness of the sink’s metal component. Measured through a micrometer, it may differ based on brand, type, and purpose. A high gauge value does not indicate a better quality. It should be the other way around. The lower the value, the thicker the sink is. For a durable sink, 18g is the benchmark. But based from experts, the best gauge is 16g. If the surface of your sink is made from granite, marble, or other solid the ideal gauge is between 16-20g. Stainless steel sinks meanwhile must use 18g. There is another type called topmount stainless steel sink. On an average, the gauge for this type is 20g.

The sink’s gauge can either make or break your stainless steel sinks.

Knowing how much gauge to use will make sink last for long with very minimal maintenance. To add to its durability, the sink must be always be well cleaned.

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