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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks – Four Things You Must Know Before Buying a Stainless Steel Sink

I was recently approached with a question about stainless steel sinks. A customer of mine searched online for a 33″ stainless steel sink. The results ranged from $ 98.00 to $ 1,700.00 so of course the question came up about what the difference was. So was born the four things you must know before buying a stainless steel sink.

Start with the gauge of the sink. The gauge is the thickness of the steel, the smaller the number the thicker the steel. Most kitchen sink manufacturers produce stainless steel sinks from 22 gauge to 16 gauge. The thicker steel will cost you more all things being equal. The reason you might want a thicker steel sink is it is more resistant to dents.

Next you’ll want to know what type of sound insulation is used on the sink. The sound insulation serves one purpose, to reduce or eliminate the ringing that follows after you toss something into the sink.

With out any sound insulation your sink will sound like a bell. The most common type is a sprayed textured coating on the back side of the sink. You may also see a sound dampening pad under the spray coating; this is a very effective sound deadening combination. You can hit this type of sink with a hammer and hear little more than a thud. Both types are fine, just be sure you have some form of sound insulation.

One of the least considered aspects of a sink is the grade of stainless steel. Like most metals, stainless steel is broken up into many different grades with different properties. In my research I have found that most stainless steel sinks are one of four grades, 201, 301, 302, 304. A grade 201 sink is most often seen in the big home improvement stores on the lowest end of the price scale.

As of this writing I have found them as low as $ 90.00 for a 33″ undermount. Grade 302 is most often used for utensils. As you progress into the higher grades, the steel becomes more corrosion, oxidation, and rust resistant. The sinks ability to stay shiny and new is what this comes down to. I would suggest purchasing a sink made of 302 or 304 stainless steel.

Finally we come to design, of course, this is where most of us would start our search for a new sink, but I’ve left this for last because it will affect the price of the sink more than any other single aspect we’ve covered. Looking at sink design today you can’t help but be amazed at the creativity and innovation that exists. The only real advice I can give concerning design is be sure your counter top fabricator can cut the shape of the sink and that your plumber is aware of the type of installation before the counter top is installed.

John S. Gelfusa CGR is the president of HomeWorks cgo inc.

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Kitchen Renovations Before the Sale

The average American moves several times in his or life. If you are renovating a home that you know you will not live in for the rest of your life, every decision you make regarding the renovation can make or lose money. The room that sells a home more than any other room in the house is the kitchen, so this is the place to renovate if you‘re going to renovate anything. In this article you’ll learn how to choose the materials to renovate your home with the most profit in mind.

You can’t go wrong by improving an outdated or nonfunctional set of appliances, but you can go wrong by over improving your home compared to others in your neighborhood. You lose money improving your home when you add expensive features that may make you happy, but are not what the average homeowner in your neighborhood is look for. For example, if you live in an average American home in an average neighborhood with homes priced around $ 200,000, and you choose to add a $ 60,000 gourmet cook’s addition, you will certainly lose money on the renovation.

On the other hand, if you choose to spend just $ 5,000 improving what you have, you will almost certainly make money on the renovation.

When renovating your home choose materials that are typical to homes in your price range. For example, when you bought your home, did most of the homes have expensive custom cabinets and granite countertops? Or did they have standard cabinets and Formica countertops? If you are not sure, visit your neighbors or neighborhood open houses to see what most kitchens in the area look like. By using materials that are too expensive for your neighborhood thinking it will “add value”, you lose money because the added value does not make up for price of the renovation or improvement.

On the flip side, by adding in materials that are too cheap for an area, you hurt yourself twice again. You end up not adding value, and you can even end up detracting value because the new homeowner feels like that have to pull out a renovated kitchen to make it of the same quality as others in the neighborhood. The bottom line is, if you are planning on moving in the next few years, do your homework before you renovate to make sure you’re not over or under spending.

Another tip when planning on renovating your home to sell is to work with what you have. For instance, if you have nice solid wood cabinets with an outdated color and hardware, consider refinishing the cabinets, changing the hardware and improving the countertops. You will end up saving thousands of dollars that stay in your pocket, plus if the cabinets are in good shape, you might even make the same amount as if you completely replaced them. If you have a neutral color ceramic tile that isn’t your favorite color but looks good with your new refinished cabinets, consider keeping it. You’ll never recoup the expense of pulling up the tile and laying a new floor. Its always better to improve what you have in a kitchen to make it up to par for the neighborhood than to completely replace something.

Its good practice to consider resale value when improving your home, especially in the kitchen where the stakes are higher because renovations cost more and can add a ton of value or very little value. With a little research and proper planning, your new renovated room can add value to your life while you live in it, and value to your home when you move.

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Tips to Consider before Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Kitchen remodeling is a fun and interesting experience, and the outcome should please you for years to come. When you get ready to do the job, consider carefully whether you have the skills and experience to complete it. Here are some remodeling tips to think about before you take on this huge challenge.

1. Expertise is helpful in designing any size kitchen.

A medium sized kitchen is probably the easiest to design. You have basic features to incorporate into the plan, and you have plenty of room for them. With help you can design a lovely new kitchen room. A large kitchen takes more thought because you have many more options. If you are not familiar with all the different types of cabinets, countertops, and appliances and how to fit them together, you might sell this large space short.

A small kitchen is perhaps the most difficult of all for designing a remodel. To get the most out of every inch of the space, it is a good idea to use an experienced contractor who has worked with small kitchens before.

2. Initial choices affect overall cost.

One of the most basic choices is to what degree you are going to take the kitchen remodeling job. You will have to decide whether to get new custom cabinets, new pre-manufactured cabinets, or reface the old ones. The next decisions are materials for every part of your newly remodeled kitchen. Countertop materials include ceramic tile, granite, marble, laminate, solid surface, engineered stone and butchers block wood countertops. Cabinet choices range from hardwoods to melamine.

Be sure you get the quality of materials you want. The best way to ensure this is to have a discussion with an expert.

3. Measure carefully.

When you are doing an entire kitchen remodeling project, you will have to measure every part of your kitchen. Make sure to consider the way the work will be done as you measure each area and board. Then, write down every measurement in a way that you will recognize when it comes time to order the parts and put them together. This can be a very confusing task if you are not accustomed to doing it.

4. Be careful in placing appliances.

If the stove and refrigerator are not separated when you begin your kitchen remodeling project, make plans to separate them at that point. There should be plenty of counter space between the two so that you will have places to put food when you take it out of either appliance. The sink, ideally, should be between the two. This may require special plumbing work as a part of the job. When you are getting ready for a kitchen remodeling job, there are many things to consider. Make sure you keep them in mind.

Shawn Hickman is the Online Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements. If you are looking for more information on Kitchen Remodeling Projects, visit the Sears Home Services website.

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Things to Know Before Buying Porcelain Kitchen Sinks

When you are planning for a home renovation, especially the kitchen, you will have to consider some of the important factors. Kitchen sinks are also one such important factor. The type of kitchen sink you select can greatly influence the entire feel as well as design of the space. However, as there are different types of kitchen sink designs and styles available in the market you should have the knowledge and practice to select the right one for your home. Although there are many options, porcelain sinks are considered as one of the most opted from the past. It is also the most common as well as popular sink types available in the market these days. It does not matter what type of sink you are selecting for your kitchen, there are few important aspects that you should keep in your mind.


Cost Concerns of your Kitchen Sinks:


The price of the sink you select basically depends on various factors.

Some of these factors are the brand, type, design etc. The size of the sink will also make a major difference in budget of the homeowner. However, porcelain sinks are considered as less expensive when compared to other options available in the market.

Design Availability:

Porcelain sinks are considered as of the traditional types available in the market. You will also come across various unique styles and designs. However, in order to obtain the best designs, you should select the right brand. Porcelain sinks will also provide you great versatility. Therefore, you are not only benefited from the amazing designs and styles, but also with its versatility.




When you are selecting porcelain kitchen sinks, it is quite imperative to consider the type of porcelain quality.

There are few manufacturers who use low quality porcelain for manufacturing sinks. Therefore, when you are selecting one, make sure the brand has a good reputation in the market. Researching on the net will help you to find different brands, which are providing Kitchen Sinks. Moreover, when you are looking on the net you will also come to know more about the quality of the materials provided by them.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing Stainless sink and Sinks stainless steel.

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