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Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks Maintain Clean Kitchens

Any organization that invests in commercial stainless steel sinks can expect to save money on future replacements. Stainless steel ranks among one of the most durable substances in the world. While it is not indestructible, it will certainly hold up better than other materials over the course of many years of usage.

Stainless steel is a non porous substance that will not absorb water. This makes it resistant to corrosion even if water beads on its surface. Rust removal will never be a concern, so this eliminates possible overtime costs of asking cleaning crews to devote additional man hours to get a vital part of the kitchen back up and running.

Because stainless steel is also easy to clean, it also helps daily maintenance costs down. A dirty sink made from an inferior material can slow a cleaning crew down considerably. When added to the man hours required for cleaning other areas of the kitchen, needless costs can accrue incrementally over time.

Commercial stainless steel sinks offer the additional advantage of being highly sanitary. This accounts for their dominant presence in facilities where health considerations rank high on the priority list.

Again, the non porous nature of the material accounts for this. Bacteria cannot build up on the surface of the sink, nor can mold or mildew.

This is the main reason that medical facilities use stainless steel for any task that requires the highest possible hygienic standards. Surgeons use these sinks to wash their hands before surgery.

Patient rooms and lab restrooms use these sinks as well. By providing patients with the cleanest possible place to wash their hands, the possibility of staff infection is minimized.

Public school kitchens also use commercial stainless steel sinks for food preparation. The foremost reason for this is the obvious need to minimize the spread of illness among large student populations.

Hygienic concerns here are almost as high as they are in the health care industry, and the younger the students are, the more sensitive districts must be to disease control.

There is an economic benefit attached to these sinks as well. Many can be customized with multiple accessories to make the food preparation area very compact and efficient for school food services employees. Some sink models are designed for multiple users in order to save space in smaller schools with limited kitchen space.

A restaurant of any size should invest the money in a commercial stainless steel sink because it is going to pay for itself in the long run.

A sink made from an inferior grade material that is not as hygienic can bring a health code violation down on a family restaurant that can destroy its reputation in a matter of days. A dirty sink is not worth what it can cost a small cafe in the end.

Larger restaurants with high traffic and even higher expectations need multi user commercial stainless steel sinks featuring up to 8 individual stations connected side by side. This allows staff to wash cookware, utensils, and dishes simultaneously in the cleanest environment possible without missing a step in the preparation of new orders.

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Cuda Kitchen: Premium Commercial Kitchen Equipment At Non-premium Prices

Considering adding a buffet to your restaurant? Or buying a new refrigerator? Constant investment in quality commercial kitchen investment can make the restaurant business a drain on your wallet. And yet, it is always imperative that you invest in quality, if you want your business to succeed and health inspectors to be satisfied. It seems there’s no way around such a conundrum. Or is there?

Conventional wisdom dictates that massive investments lead to savings in the long term. Why think of the distant future when you can invest and enjoy equivalent savings in the here and now? Thanks to Cuda Kitchen, a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based household and online retailer of commercial kitchen equipment, you can enjoy some of the most unbelievable discounts on the market. At Cuda Kitchen, you can get discounts of over 40 percent on commercial kitchen equipment.

An example is the BarTec HP 3 blender. Available on the retail market for the intimidating price of $ 1,529, this highly-valued piece of commercial kitchen equipment is sold by Cuda Kitchen for $ 849.99. This translates into a discount of 44 percent. With that kind of savings, you can probably throw something else into the mix.

Something like that high-quality precision slicer you always wanted, so that you could introduce cold cut platters and sandwiches into your menu. Of course, you could opt for having your meats cut elsewhere, but that would be costlier. Investing in a precision slicer would help save money in the long run. Or perhaps, even earlier.

Consider, the CEW 9″ precision slicer that is available on the retail market for $ 1150. At Cuda Kitchen, you can buy it for a mere $ 747.50. In the end, you end up with a savings of 35 percent.

If you had chosen to buy your BarTec HP3 blender, you would have paid $ 1,529. Now, you can have two pieces of premium commercial kitchen equipment for $ 1597.49.

It gets even better. At Cuda Kitchen, a one-swing 20 cubic feet glass door freezer merchandiser, originally priced at $ 5,460, can be yours for just $ 2,930.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen in terms of its commercial kitchen equipment, unable to translate all your great ideas for your restaurant into reality due to a shortage of funds, or simply looking to replace a piece of equipment that’s given out, Cuda Kitchen has what you’re looking for, at a price that suits you.

Even if you’re looking for something a bit more pedestrian, like a refrigerator, Cuda Kitchen can help save you precious money. Consider the Cecilware refrigerator with countertop display. Sold at a retail price of $ 600, it can be yours for only $ 360.

Why spend large portions of your restaurant’s revenues on commercial kitchen equipment when you could be using them instead to buy quality ingredients, hire good chefs an waiters andin generalmake your customers happy?

For more information on premier commercial kitchen equipment at affordable prices, visit CudaKitchen.

For more information on premier commercial kitchen equipment at affordable prices, visit www.CudaKitchen.com.

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Replacing Commercial Restaurant Faucets Made Easy

Replacing the commercial faucet on sinks in your restaurant doesn’t have to be a difficult job.  Following a couple simple steps will help you replace old or worn faucets in your kitchen very easily.

For starters, there are two types of faucets:

1. Deck Mount – These faucets attach directly to the top (or deck) of your sink.  The water lines come up vertically underneath the sink.

2. Wall Mount – These faucets attach to water lines that come horizontally out of the wall above the sink.

Commercial restaurant faucets vary in sizes of four or six inch centers. Although there are some wall mount faucets that have an adjustable inlet coupling, that can adjust from six to ten inch centers or two to eight inch centers.


Deck mount faucets are more difficult to change than wall mount because you have to access the connections under the sink.

With a basin wrench (the easiest tool to use) or a crescent wrench, loosen the nuts on the hot and cold water lines on the bottom of the faucet water lines.  At this point you can use your hand to remove them.  Next, using the basin wrench, loosen the two nuts that hold the faucet in place.  Again, use your hand to remove the nuts.  Remove the old faucet and then use your hands and the wrench to tighten the nuts on the new faucet.  Make sure the connections are tight.  Turn the water on and check for leaks.

If there aren’t any leaks, then the job is done!

To replace a deck mount faucet that’s on a wall mounted hand sink, remove the sink from the wall.  First turn off the water and disconnect the water lines at the shut off valves.  Next disconnect the drain line from the bottom of the sink and lift it straight up (it hangs on a wall bracket) and remove it from the wall.  Now you can access the bottom with ease.  Follow the previous instructions to remove and replace the faucet.  The only difference is you will not need to use the basin wrench.

Wall mount faucets are fairly simple to replace.  It is best to know the faucet’s brand name for a direct replacement.  If you are unable to find a brand name then measure the inlet coupling on the back of the faucet body.  These are the couplings that fasten the faucet body to the sink.  To replace the faucet simply unscrew the inlet couplings from the back of the faucet body and install the new faucet.

If this is a new installation, you’ll also need to order either the wall mount kit or the deck mount kit for the faucet you are installing.  The kit comes with everything needed to connect the water lines to the new faucet.

Jerry H. Green is a restaurant equipment and equipment parts guru with over 25 years experience fixing commercial cooking equipment. He is a regular contributor to a food service industry and equipment blog called The Back Burner.

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How To Choose A Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

They are both sinks, but the commercial stainless steel sinks are quite different than normal household sinks. If you intend to use the sink commercially like in a restaurant or a fast food place, then your considerations will be somewhat different than if you are looking for a sink for your use at home. So if you are choosing a stainless steel sink for commercial premises, then you should take the following factors into consideration

It almost goes without saying that one of the main factors that will affect your choice of commercial stainless steel sinks with be how you intend to use it. Some of the basic things you need to consider are:
1. How will I use them in my business? Typical commercial enterprises that use them are restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, fast food eateries, etc.

There will be a different kitchen arrangement for each of these business types.

2. Sink attachments – large operations needs additional attachments like garbage disposal and automated garbage disposal to the kitchen sinks.
3. Placement of the sink – check the most convenient and efficient placement of your sinks that will facilitate and not encumber your kitchen activities.
4. Amount of activity in your kitchen – depending on how much work goes on during peak hours, you may need to install more than one sink.
5. The amount of left-over food on your dishes – if there is too much food waste on your dishes, then it is best to install a garbage disposal system. This will facilitate your dishwashing activities because your staff won’t worry anymore whether your sink is clogged or not.

Additional Things To Consider
You also need to think carefully about what will affect your sink while using it on a daily basis.
• Working space – the sink must be just the right size for your operation. You will need to ensure that there is enough room for staff to move freely around the area.
• Amount of time the sink will be used – sinks that will be used extensively during the day must be of high grade and thicker gauge to be able to withstand the daily work that will be performed on it.
• Quality of stainless steel – in relation to the above, you need the highest quality of stainless steel if you want it to last longer.
• Style and design of commercial stainless steel sinks – you need to consider this so that you will have a sink that will facilitate your dishwashing tasks and looks good and stylish at the same time.
• The surface finish of the stainless steel – a smooth finish should be preferred than a glossy surface. It is longer lasting and is not susceptible to stain, rusts, cracks and chips.

If you’re interested in ideas for your home kitchen, then check out kitchen countertop options.

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