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How to Select the Best Kitchen Faucet?

Don’t you think it is time to change your damaged calcium laden kitchen tap? Whether you want to modify the kitchen completely and fix new kitchen equipments or just wish to change that worn out sputter spot, you are bound to get a little baffled due to the availability of several options in the market.


Single touch kitchen faucets are a well liked indispensable style kitchen faucet. They are excellent in appearance and is generally priced less. A number of them like the Delta Collins Faucet appear with an identical side squirt, which is best for cleansing your entire kitchen and filling those bulky jars as well. An added advantage is that these knob styles are in general extremely ADA friendly.

The single grip kitchen faucet that comes with pull out or pull down spray are truly useful and quickly becoming the well admired model.

Producers have placed many supplies of these faucets at present time, and the huge variety of models and finishes prove it. The fashion that holds every eye and pocketbook at present is the high goose neck. This form has an exceedingly elevated clearance for huge objects, few of them can turn 180 degrees or more and in general come with 32” of hose, and therefore you can offer water to your lawn when you have finished washing utensils.

The two lever faucet is more dignified and polished. They can be a huge praise to the Tuscan or Victorian type of kitchen depending on your kitchen model. A lot of these models also come in the popular high goose neck style for maximum clearance and architectural appeal.

These faucet styles have a lot of character and personality, not to mention they are very functional and good conversation pieces.

If you have certain elegance in your attributes, these faucets are the best to opt for.

This somewhat summarizes the key categories to pick from. The last two to mention in this article would be the Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet and The Bar Faucet. For the necessity of your house if you possess a bit more of the dough to dispose away throughout your modification, the pot filler is an ingenious decision. It’s quite clear in its function, so it does not require describing this one.

Though these are the wanted Kitchen Faucet Styles, each of these types have numerous variety under them which are tailored to present you with modified functionality for your picky need and desires for your vision kitchen. You need time to make your mind up for what is correct for you, for which you need to be sure that conduct a thorough examination. You should like what you purchase for both its beauty and performance in the future.

Here you can read more about kitchen faucet reviews

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Pegasus Faucet Reviews: Words From the Consumer

What speaks more truthfully of any product than the comments and criticisms from actual customers? With this thought in mind, I decided to scour the online forums in order to provide snippets of customer thoughts and experiences regarding faucets, sinks, and other fixtures within the Pegasus product line. This is an ongoing process, but what I’ve found has impressed me thus far. Pegasus owners (and former owners) are an opinionated bunch. Many have strong opinions on product experiences across many brands, from the cheapest no-name discount fixtures to the most expensive and elite fixtures available anywhere. Of these opinions, here are a few of the most interesting:

Saw a Pegasus brand faucet at Home Depot. It was about $ 70 more than the better Moen faucets and weighed a ton. The faucet is made in China, but is solid brass and has a ceramic valve and brushed nickel finish.

The problem is that I don’t know anything about this brand. Does anyone out there have any experience with Pegasus?

Here was yet another potential consumer who was impressed with the quality and design of the Pegasus brand, but knew virtually nothing about it… nor had any experiences with it, and was simply searching for more information:

Pegasus Faucets is made by International Faucets. The same company that makes Glacier Bay for the Home Depot. Pegasus was mainly a high end version for the Expo Design Centers. However, after a little argument with Price Pfister, who refused to make exclusive Home Depot models, their account was dropped and Pegasus began manufacturing similar models. They are first in quality and I would recommend them to anyone along with the Delta faucets Home Depot sells.

I personally own several of the Pegasus faucets and am impressed with the finish and the craftsmanship of the product. Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty! I chose the brushed nickel finish & the tub filler weighs a ton. Built solid.

Another contributor adds:

I am quite sure this is a Home Depot “private label” product. Seems they have 2-3 lines that only they carry. Do a search for “pegasus faucet” and you should find an address w/customer service no. I’m looking for brushed nickel, single lever handles and they are few and far between!

(Note: Pegasus is not a company but a “brand” that is exclusive to Home Depot. Of the Pegasus product line, all are of high quality but they are not all from the same manufacturer: Some come from Italy while others are manufactured in China. ) Here’s another owner’s experience: We installed a Pegasus faucet for our bathroom sink about 3 months ago, and it’s working perfectly. No problems at all with installation – we made sure to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid problems later. We are very happy with both how the faucet looks and how it’s working. It’s by far the nicest faucet we’ve ever had, and we’re planning to replace all our faucets and shower/bath controls with Pegasus products. I’m currently looking for information on the full line. So far this is my only gripe – they should have a website!

Pegasus Faucets Info located at http://pegasusfaucetsinfo.com is an informational site for consumers interested in the faucet products related to Pegasus sink faucets, Pegasus bathroom faucets, Pegasus shower faucets, Pegasus kitchen faucets, Pegasus faucet reviews, and Pegasus faucet parts.

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Kitchen Faucet Repair

There are various types of kitchen faucets, but the plumbing basics of removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the faucet remains the same. The problem of a leaky or noisy kitchen faucet repair is faced, when either the parts of the faucet are completely corroded, too old or if they are very dirty.

How to Repair Kitchen Faucet
Here are the three most commonly faced problems of kitchen faucet repair and solutions to them.

Blocked Screen
Put a rag in the drain, to avoid slipping of any part down the drain, and turn off the water. Inside most faucets you will find a small screen, which is present at the end of the spout, from which the water comes out. If the problem occurs due to a dirty screen, then you might need some basic kitchen cleaning. Take out the spout by unscrewing it, and then use a toothbrush to clean the screen to get rid of any blockage. Then take out the screen, and let it soak in a solution of warm water and vinegar for an hour.

Fixing the Cartilage
In many cartilage type of faucets, the problem could be due to a corroded or dirty cartilage. Turn off the water, and put a rag in the drain. Remove the faucet head, and keep the parts in order, so that it is easy to place them back in their original places. For kitchen faucet removal of the spout, you will have to unscrew the screws underneath it, then pop out the faucet head using a knife or nail filer. Underneath this, you will see a long cylindrical object, which is the cartilage. Take it out and examine it. Check whether it can be cleaned and fixed back, or is beyond repair and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Clogged Pipe
Sometimes the problem could be occurring due clogs in the pipe which is attached to your kitchen faucet. Turn off the water, and keep a drag in the drain. Then remove the kitchen faucet head and arrange the parts in the order that you will have to reinstall them. Then use a plumbing snake, which can be found at any hardware store. Feed the snake slowly down the pipe to unclog the pipe, turn the snake around if you find any obstruction.

These were some of the common kitchen faucet repair solutions. However, the removal of the faucet heads might differ, as there are different kinds of faucets used for kitchen. But the basic of kitchen faucet repair remains the same which is to remove the parts, and check for dirty or corroded parts, clean them or replace them with new parts, and reinstall the faucet.

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Tips For Getting Your Next Faucet


We see faucets everywhere but we seldom actually think about them until we are forced to replace one that has been used past its useful life or we are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. If you are replacing or remodeling, there are many types of faucets available to choose from to fit your personal requirements. Modern faucets come with wide variations in design to cater to special needs and of course there are many styles to add a touch of your own personality.

Whether you are installing a new faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, you will find many options at your disposal and your usage patterns will determine which is the most appropriate choice for you and your home. For example, many kitchen faucets will have a spray handle that will pull out to allow you to wash dishes better and some have water filters built into them or attachments for separate water filtration devices.

If you haven’t already seen one that you really like at a friend’s home or other place, do some research online or at a nearby hardware store and you just might be surprised at the options available these days. You can find many very function faucets that are also stylish.

For bathrooms, the faucets are designed to serve different needs than kitchen faucets, that is why the designs are so radically different. But even within the class of bathroom faucets, there is still a lot to choose from in terms of style and function. For example, a design with a higher profile will make it more convenient to wash your hands. You can also find faucets with filters for providing more pure water for when you brush your teeth.

Again, spend some time learning what is on the market.

One of the problems that have plagued faucets for a very long time is the leaking that will occur after years of use. To prevent this problem and have a worry free faucet, make sure to choose one that has a design that does not use washers.

As with any purchase, the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process will determine just how durable and reliable your new faucet will be on time. be sure to purchase a faucet that is made of brass or copper to get a long life from the faucet you install. These faucets will look great and last for a lifetime.

When choosing your new faucet, be sure to pay attention to the existing mounting setup. If you replace a plain faucet with one that has a different design and different mounting design, you will be in for a lot of extra work. But if it is the faucet you want and you are handy with tools, go for it.

Choosing a faucet involves more than just selecting one that looks nice. You have to get one that is practical, durable, and stylish. Invest in a quality faucet constructed of quality materials and you will have a reliable faucet for many years.

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