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Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks Maintain Clean Kitchens

Any organization that invests in commercial stainless steel sinks can expect to save money on future replacements. Stainless steel ranks among one of the most durable substances in the world. While it is not indestructible, it will certainly hold up better than other materials over the course of many years of usage.

Stainless steel is a non porous substance that will not absorb water. This makes it resistant to corrosion even if water beads on its surface. Rust removal will never be a concern, so this eliminates possible overtime costs of asking cleaning crews to devote additional man hours to get a vital part of the kitchen back up and running.

Because stainless steel is also easy to clean, it also helps daily maintenance costs down. A dirty sink made from an inferior material can slow a cleaning crew down considerably. When added to the man hours required for cleaning other areas of the kitchen, needless costs can accrue incrementally over time.

Commercial stainless steel sinks offer the additional advantage of being highly sanitary. This accounts for their dominant presence in facilities where health considerations rank high on the priority list.

Again, the non porous nature of the material accounts for this. Bacteria cannot build up on the surface of the sink, nor can mold or mildew.

This is the main reason that medical facilities use stainless steel for any task that requires the highest possible hygienic standards. Surgeons use these sinks to wash their hands before surgery.

Patient rooms and lab restrooms use these sinks as well. By providing patients with the cleanest possible place to wash their hands, the possibility of staff infection is minimized.

Public school kitchens also use commercial stainless steel sinks for food preparation. The foremost reason for this is the obvious need to minimize the spread of illness among large student populations.

Hygienic concerns here are almost as high as they are in the health care industry, and the younger the students are, the more sensitive districts must be to disease control.

There is an economic benefit attached to these sinks as well. Many can be customized with multiple accessories to make the food preparation area very compact and efficient for school food services employees. Some sink models are designed for multiple users in order to save space in smaller schools with limited kitchen space.

A restaurant of any size should invest the money in a commercial stainless steel sink because it is going to pay for itself in the long run.

A sink made from an inferior grade material that is not as hygienic can bring a health code violation down on a family restaurant that can destroy its reputation in a matter of days. A dirty sink is not worth what it can cost a small cafe in the end.

Larger restaurants with high traffic and even higher expectations need multi user commercial stainless steel sinks featuring up to 8 individual stations connected side by side. This allows staff to wash cookware, utensils, and dishes simultaneously in the cleanest environment possible without missing a step in the preparation of new orders.

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Tips on how to maintain the life of stainless steel sinks

Everyone owns a stainless steel sinks in the modern world cause of the simple fact that the modern world is impressed with the fact that they are both cheap and durable. But a family when it owns a sink of this sort must keep certain aspects in their mind while using it because of the simple fact that in the long run if the sink is not properly maintained lot of dirt can accumulate on the sink, and cleaning this sink becomes a very tedious task for the owner.

Usually these types of sinks are very shiny and clean in the beginning, but as the time passes it loses its lustre and becomes dull. The reason behind this phenomenon is because of the nature of water that is being used in the house. If the water that is being used in the houses is hard water in nature then when the sink dries with water droplets on it leaves behind salt on the steel leaving it to be very hard to clean.

This can be easily resolved by using lotions that are specialised for cleaning this type of sinks and the main content in the type of lotion is chlorine, which easily cleans such dirt.

During the process of cleaning one other main factor that the user should keep in his mind is that the scrubber used for cleaning the sink shouldn’t be too soft in nature and if it is too soft in nature it would only result in the inefficient cleaning of the sink; and if the scrubber is too harsh it can pose a danger to the steel by causing the steel to have scratches hence losing the smoothness of the steel. They have a good capacity to carry weight. In these the cleaning is very easier as the loose debris will directly go into the sink. Some other small hints that can extend the life of the Stainless Steel Sinks is by making sure that it is well maintained periodically and that the sink is rinsed with pure water alone after each use, so that it may increase its durability and life.

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Undermount Kitchen Sinks – Elegant and Easy to Maintain

One of the newer trends in kitchen design is the undermount sink. The sleek, uncluttered look of modern kitchens called for a more cutting edge sink. As new, more sophisticated counter options became available, the design of the kitchen sink has also evolved. An “undermount” sink is fastened to the underside of the counter top material and appears suspended below the counter. Available in stainless steel or a wide variety of man made materials, an undermount style makes any kitchen look elegant and modern.

Older laminate counter tops required careful sealing from water to prevent damage. In older kitchens, most sinks extended above and curved over the counter top material. This design, called an “overmount”, allowed a strong seal between the counter and sink, but left and edge than could be very difficult to keep spotlessly clean. Overmount skins are often found in both stainless steel and porcelain, and remain a popular option with many laminate counter tops.

With the variety and appeal of granite, stone and manufactured solid surface counter tops, standard sink designs are no longer a homeowner’s only choice.

Newer counter top materials are impervious to water, and will not warp or split, even with prolonged exposure. These qualities allowed designers to create the “undermount” sink. The counter top material appears continuous, with the sink visible only below the counter. In addition to a more elegant, finished appearance, the undermount sink prevents the accumulation of material around the edge of the sink. Many homeowner’s prefer this modern, cleaner look, as well as the ease and maintainability.

Undermount kitchen sinks are easy to maintain and that makes it great for functionality. Many prefer black kitchen sinks so that they do not show dirt or grime.

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Kitchen Sinks ? Maintain Its Cleanliness

Copper, porcelain and steel are the common materials that are being used to make kitchen sinks. Whatever your sink is, it is very important to keep it clean as possible. As much as we do without sink, keeping them hygienic is a little bit difficult.

Having a dirty sink is a really a problem and form there the clutter could spread all over the kitchen. It should every homeowner’s priority to keep their sink clean. But fortunately if you keep an eye on things and clean your sink regularly, then this will not impose any problem for you. You can carefully clean your sink using those products that are just around the house. Here is how to clean the sink.

If you prefer to clean the kitchen sink with commercial cleaner, you have to avoid those that can scratch your sink. This especially important for enamel or porcelain sink, but with stainless steel, copper and other sink materials can be damaged as well.

Never use abrasive cleaning tools, as if you will actually be washing away the sink itself. All you need is to look for a gentle cleaner that is not too rough. Avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach unless it is really necessary. With some cases of stains, you need to do so but if there are other alternative then try other things first. Keep in mind that overuse of bleach can really damage your sink.

When cleaning your kitchen sink, it is better to use soft sponge or scrubber to clean your sink on a daily basis. You can also use vinegar and water solutions in cleaning your sink. There are also window cleaner and gentle porcelain cleaners. Using these can help you get rid of most of the spots and stains. Baking soda is another cleaning agent that you can use. It is a popular stain remover that you can use.

While it is abrasive this substance is so gentle that is cannot cause damages even the most delicate sink surface. All you have to do is to dissolve the baking soda in a little water and rub the solution gently into your sink with a circular motion. After applying it to the sink’s surface, you have to rinse the sink thoroughly after using the cleaner. Another method in cleaning your kitchen sink is the use of the vinegar solution; it is entirely a non-toxic cleaning solution. You do not need to wear gloves or worry about contamination while cleaning your sink.

If you take care and are gentle, cleaning your kitchen sinks will never be a hard task for you. You have to do the cleaning in a daily basis to keep your sink spotless and beautiful, even if you use it most of the time.

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