The Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Whether you are a homeowner or a pastry chef, your kitchen will be important to you. For most people, the ideal kitchen is a perfect match of style and functionality: a place where they can cook up a meal to feed a family of five, and also display a favorite piece of art without it looking out of place. Designing and remodeling your kitchen can be made a fun and creative project if you have a guide to help you choose from the dizzying array of designs and cabinets available these days.

Remodeling your kitchen is about choosing the perfect cabinetry, the functional hardware to go with it, and the counter top to blend in with the whole and provide a good surface for working. It is important that you have your requirements clearly in your mind when you furnish your kitchen.

How to Pick a Kitchen Cabinet

  *   If your budget is the overriding factor in deciding what kind of kitchen cabinet you buy, then choose standard stock cabinets which come in various shapes and sizes.

Usually you can take these home the same day that you but them. Of course because of limited sizes and designs, you may find empty spaces on your walls, but you can turn these spaces into picture walls for a personal kitchen or a place to display awards if you are a chef!

  *   Semi-custom cabinets have more designs and styles that you can choose from. The cabinets are built after you order, so you can pick items to suit your requirements.

  *   If you’re looking for something very specific, then have your cabinets custom-made.

They will be expensive depending on the materials and sizes, but you can make your kitchen one-of-a-kind and fill up almost any kind of irregular space.

How to Pick Cabinet Hardware

  *   The cabinet hardware you choose should complement your kitchen cabinets and underscore the style and functionality of your kitchen. You can also find cabinet hardware based on universal design rules , to suit people with physical disabilities.

How to Choose a Counter Top

  *   Counter tops come in various materials and prices. Pick the one most suitable to your uses. Remember: laminate surfaces are easy to install and maintain but not good for cutting on; solid acrylic surfaces are nonporous and seamless but less heat resistant than some other materials; granite has great heat resistance; and quartz is the most durable, though there are limited color options.

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