The Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A single bowl kitchen sink is usually larger than each individual double sink. In some kitchens the space that is allowed for the typical double bowl is taken by the single sink. The advantage in the single bowl is that the extra room inside gives room to washing large pots and pans without risking spilling water and soap onto the counter’s back splash or even onto the floor.

Of course, there are other uses for a single bowl kitchen sink. If your kitchen space is small, you may not have room for a double and a small single bowl one might be all the room your counter can fit. Single bowl sinks are also used as bar sinks or as a separate basin in a kitchen island. These single sinks fit in small kitchens as nicely as they do in large kitchens that might have more than one sink area as in islands or bars.

They come in various sizes and are made from various grades of aluminum and cast iron; some cheaper and some more expensive.

The good thing about them is that they can be planned for when putting in a new kitchen and have the depth as well as the width to be of real use in a kitchen that does a lot of cooking and baking. The double sinks are partitioned and are really not made for washing big pots or pans. Double sinks are sometimes viewed as being separated to take the place of the dish pan with soap while rinsing dishes in the other.

The fact is that many if not all modern kitchens have dishwashers and that the large one bowl sink really makes the better sense to be used for big pots and pans that don’t really fit into normal size dishwashers. Few people consider that they actually do have an option when planning their kitchens in choosing the style, as we have become almost brainwashed into thinking that a double sink is really giving us more room to work in.

Most kitchens have a 36 inch space that can be filled by one single bowl sink or two smaller ones called double sinks.

Your choice really depends on how much cooking you do in your kitchen, as well as the style and look you want to achieve in your home. After all, you will be the one spending the majority of time using it, so you might as well go for something that you will enjoy using and find the most practical for your life style.

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