Upgrading a Faucet for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Drinking water is important to you and the health of your family; using a faucet which is designed for a reverse osmosis system is another step in providing the best for your family. And, in order to find the best water faucet that offers a good water flow, is attractive and compatible with your filtration system can be confusing at times.

What You Need to Know about Your Water Faucet

The faucet that came with your reverse osmosis system is a standard one but you can always upgrade to a more attractive and reliable faucet. Compatibility is the most important concern when purchasing a standard faucet. There is more than one kind of faucet and you’ll need to know if you have an air-gap system. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the base of the faucet; an air gap system will have three tubes connected to the faucet.

The air-gap system was designed to prevent back flow of household sewage and has a “gap” in the drain line.

This keeps the RO system clean or debris and other matter. Any faucet with work with an air-gap system, but only a non air-gap faucet works with an non air-gap system. The best way to replace faucets is to work with the company where you purchased your reverse osmosis system; they will be able to make the best recommendation on a faucet to match your system.

RO Systems and Improved Water Flow

When deciding to replace water faucets homeowners can opt to add a faucet exclusively for the RO system. Many suppliers will carry this type of faucet as well as traditional ones, in colors and finishes to match existing plumbing fixtures.

One of the common complaints about the RO faucet has been its slow flow rate in drawing water from the tank for use.

The average for filling a large pot of water is about 40 seconds. The makers of the Tap Master Advanced Reverse Osmosis System developed the Fast Flow RO!™ kit to greatly increase water flow for customers using their system. Included in each system purchase, customers experience a more rapid water flow and a more effective faucet. The Tap Master RO system features a one-way valve on the drain line which eliminates the need for an air-gap filter and gives customers more options for faucets.

Homeowners who use the The Perfect Water Tap Master Advanced Reverse Osmosis System and the Fast Flow RO!™ kit no longer need to worry about slow water flow. This RO system enables you to provide your home with pure drinking water and a good steady water flow from a designer faucet. For more information about reverse osmosis systems and water faucets, see The Perfect Water. They have good customer service and a complete line of water filtration systems and accessories for your home or business.

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